Thursday, November 18, 2010 is the WORST Company I have ever dealt with.

Bad business ethic really gets under my skin.
I cannot stand when companies are trying to rob us. Do you think I am just going to sit around and let you steal my money I mean really!?
Partially this is my fault as I should have read all the bad reviews before I even attempted to purchase from these people.
And so it all begins.. Cats have fleas, cats come in, dogs get fleas.. couches beds and even company get fleas.. Boo! I know. I go online to shop for Frontline spray because I am cheap and the spray lasts longer. HandHelditems comes up in my search as the best priced IN STOCK place to purchase from. I go through the process of checkout, use my paypal account and send them $41.10 for a 250 ml spray bottle of Frontline. I get my account information and the ORDER PROCESSED information.

Well, yesterday at about 6:00p.m. approximately 32 hours after my order was "processed" I get an email saying that the Frontline was out of stock and discontinued and I would be refunded. First off it should not take this long to let me know that the item is not in stock. Second, I had not received a refund.. No refund! So I contact them through there little contact page and let them know how displeased I am with the way this was handled and I would like my refund immediately so that I can purchase the Frontline from a company with some business ethic. I am not a rich woman, I do not have $100 to put out on some flea spray at one time (ya dig!)

I get a reply that my money would be refunded TODAY. (Today being yesterday November 17th.)
I can provide that email by forward if anyone is interested in seeing that proof! Well, I wake up this morning and guess what?? NO REFUND! So I call and send numerous email trying to figure out why. I am assured that I will get a refund today. The accountant is not in but when she gets in they will refund my money through paypal. (Mind you please that there is a little button that says issue refund that you use to issue a refund with paypal, hard? I think not!)
Ok, that is fine. I just really need my money back so I can order Frontline please. I am assured again that it will be refunded today. By 2:00 p.m. no refund.
I call back speak with a lady this time. I am slightly irate at this point because these people are giving me the runaround about my money..
She says that paypal is holding my money and they have refunded it.

Call paypal.. NO they have not attempted to refund my money so I call back and speak with the same guy I spoke with this morning. He says some mumbo jumbo about his accountant being sick and that he has 7 days to refund my money. I reminded him of the email I got last night that said it would be refunded then and also when I spoke with him this morning he said it would be refunded today. Obviously I will get my money back through paypal but why do they want my money for 7 days? It seems like if you know you cannot keep it you would just give it back and not cause me such a dang headache. I have had to open a dispute through Paypal to get my money back. I would like to sue them for bad business even though it is only $41.10!
My advice to you my friends is steer clear of
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