Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Its Been A Long Time...

I shouldn't have left you.. without a dope beat to step to.. step step step to. Haha,sorry for that outburst and for those of you who were not into rap music 10 years ago that was an Aaliyah Timbaland song!
It really has been quite some time hasnt it!? We have been doing a whole lot of tball lately.. well, Keane has.. Breck got a concrete block dropped on his foot so he has not made a game yet but we are planning for Friday ;)
Tyleigh Eden was 1 Feb. 1st. Doesnt the time fly.. Man I dont know where the time goes.. but it sure goes fast.. (yes that would Kenny Chesney) what can I say.. my taste in music is diverse ;) Maybe I can quite singing now and finish updating you guys!! So back to Tyleigh.. we did Minnie Mouse. It was fun! A great friend of mine made her cake. She did a 2 layer white cake with pink polka dots and black ribbon. I got her Minnie Mouse smocked dress off of Ebay and we played pin the bow on Minnie! She got so many cute outfits! I enjoy having a girl!!! I will upload some pics of the party!!!