Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oliver's Personalized Kid's Label Review

I requested labels for Tyleigh Eden upon getting approved for the labels. I was excited to get the cute girly print and font for her! All the letters in her confusing name were in place and you can tell they took their time to get them made up for her.
I immediately stuck a sticker on one of her cups and after 2 weeks and about 20 washes the sticker is hanging in there! No fading or water bubbles and better than that no sign it has even thought about coming off!
These are by far the best sticker labels I have seen. If you have a child in daycare, school or just simply want to decorate and add some personality to your kids items these are the labels I would recommend to you! Ordering is easy simply click here Oliver's Labels to be taken to the site, pick you font and design and they will ship them to you!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

Skillet Bacon Jam Review

Skillet Bacon Jam is a new twist to jam! It is not your A typical sweet sticky jelly jam! Instead it is a new and different taste and experience for you toast! Made with bacon, onion and other spices this is sure to tingle your taste buds!
There are several ways to use the Bacon Jam. Crackers, toast, burgers or my personal favorite thing to do is cook it in my vegetables, green beans to be exact! Yum!!
It is a great addition to your cabinet and will definitely help to jam it up a bit! Don't just take my word for it, try your own Skillet Bacon Spread!!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

HandHelditems.com is the WORST Company I have ever dealt with.

Bad business ethic really gets under my skin.
I cannot stand when companies are trying to rob us. Do you think I am just going to sit around and let you steal my money HandHelditems.com? I mean really!?
Partially this is my fault as I should have read all the bad reviews before I even attempted to purchase from these people.
And so it all begins.. Cats have fleas, cats come in, dogs get fleas.. couches beds and even company get fleas.. Boo! I know. I go online to shop for Frontline spray because I am cheap and the spray lasts longer. HandHelditems comes up in my search as the best priced IN STOCK place to purchase from. I go through the process of checkout, use my paypal account and send them $41.10 for a 250 ml spray bottle of Frontline. I get my account information and the ORDER PROCESSED information.

Well, yesterday at about 6:00p.m. approximately 32 hours after my order was "processed" I get an email saying that the Frontline was out of stock and discontinued and I would be refunded. First off it should not take this long to let me know that the item is not in stock. Second, I had not received a refund.. No refund! So I contact them through there little contact page and let them know how displeased I am with the way this was handled and I would like my refund immediately so that I can purchase the Frontline from a company with some business ethic. I am not a rich woman, I do not have $100 to put out on some flea spray at one time (ya dig!)

I get a reply that my money would be refunded TODAY. (Today being yesterday November 17th.)
I can provide that email by forward if anyone is interested in seeing that proof! Well, I wake up this morning and guess what?? NO REFUND! So I call and send numerous email trying to figure out why. I am assured that I will get a refund today. The accountant is not in but when she gets in they will refund my money through paypal. (Mind you please that there is a little button that says issue refund that you use to issue a refund with paypal, hard? I think not!)
Ok, that is fine. I just really need my money back so I can order Frontline please. I am assured again that it will be refunded today. By 2:00 p.m. no refund.
I call back speak with a lady this time. I am slightly irate at this point because these people are giving me the runaround about my money..
She says that paypal is holding my money and they have refunded it.

Call paypal.. NO they have not attempted to refund my money so I call back and speak with the same guy I spoke with this morning. He says some mumbo jumbo about his accountant being sick and that he has 7 days to refund my money. I reminded him of the email I got last night that said it would be refunded then and also when I spoke with him this morning he said it would be refunded today. Obviously I will get my money back through paypal but why do they want my money for 7 days? It seems like if you know you cannot keep it you would just give it back and not cause me such a dang headache. I have had to open a dispute through Paypal to get my money back. I would like to sue them for bad business even though it is only $41.10!
My advice to you my friends is steer clear of HandHelditems.com.
Click here to be directed to the disaster company!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Really Wooly Bible Stories Review

Really Woolly Bible Stories
by Bonnie Rickner Jensen
We read alot of different Bible story books for children. Some are better than others in my opinion. Unfortunately this would be one of the lesser favorite books that we have read. Do not get me wrong it is not bad but I do prefer a book that gives more Biblical detail and not one that just seems to be rhyming to the next word.
The illustration and colors are cute. I also like the fact that the author did put scripture after each story. I just feel like some important parts of the Bible were left out of some of the stories. The book just confused my children. As for instance in the story of Joseph it says "Jealous brothers, evil plan in a well it all began." Great for rhyming but tells my children nothing as far as why Josephs brothers were jealous or even that he was pushed in a well and sold into slavery.
Again, it is not a bad book and if you want to go into the Bible as you read the book and explain the rhymes to the children this would be the book for you. I just prefer a book that lays it out for them to understand.
Disclosure~ I was given a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well. I am starting to get some relief from an abscessed tooth. I had a dentist visit for the first time since Keane (who is 6) was about 9 months! So over 5 years! The dentist gives me anxiety! What is funny is I'm not really afraid of pain. I don't know exactly what it is that makes me panicky but it defiantly does! But so does going to the doctor. out to eat, large groups of people.. and the list goes on unfortunately.
I have suffered from panic attacks since about 17 years of age.
There doesn't have to be a reason for my crippling anxiety.. sometimes it strikes out of nowhere and I just want to be at home. I have been at a point in my life where I could not leave my house without feeling like I was dying.. having a heart attack , all the blood rushing to my head, numbness and many more physical signs of anxiety and panic attacks. However, praise Jesus since I have had my wonderful babies I have not had an episode like that and only struggle periodically with the anxiety and don't feel stuck in a total agoraphobic state of panic.
So anyway I was informed today that I will need to get a tooth pulled and 3 root canals and crowning!! But they will do it in 2 visits. Again, its not the pain.. its more the feeling that Im gonna have anxiety which causes more anxiety and light headedness But I have to get the work done and keep asking myself what is the worst that could happen.
I know ther are meds for panic disorder and I have taken Lexapro but as a Mommy who refuses to take anything when pregnant or nursing that is not for me at the moment. So I live with it. And hopefully and prayerfully one day it will go away!

Tooth Tissues

I am excited to review the Tooth Tissues! Being the Mommy of an 8 month old little princess who is in the process of cutting teeth I thought this would be a great opportunity for us!
I really love the simple idea of a tooth wipe! Not to have to get a tooth brush and fight through tears with her helps me out alot! Not only can you clean the tooth itself with theses nifty little wipes but the tongue gums and cheeks as well. You can get all the bacteria out of baby's mouth with just a few wipes!
It has been much easier and way more convenient with the wipes as opposed to a tooth brush.
Even if you like to use a tooth brush you can use these as well. Our dental genetics are far from the best so these are a necessity in my house! Not only is Tyleigh using them but Breck my 4 year old and Keane my 6 year old think they are the coolest things! This is great for me because neither of them have ever been overly concerned with dental hygiene or any hygiene for that matter! They are after all little boys!
I really really love these Tooth Tissue wipes and will certainly be keeping them around my house! I think you should check them out as well. Just visit Tooth Tissues to order your pack or packs today!!

Disclosure~ I was given a pack of 30 Tooth Tissues for review. All opinions expressed above are my own.

Angelicare Spider Vein Treatment

Angelicare Spider Vein Treatment is by far the most expensive and advanced product I have been selected to review as to date. Currently selling for 99.99 plus shipping and tax if applicable. Upon requesting the product and telling family and friends about it they were curious as to why I wanted the treatment since I do not personally suffer from spider veins.. yet.

I will tell you why.. my 6 year old son Keane has had a small red spider vein on his face since about 18 months. Though it is not very noticeable unless you are very close to him it drives me nuts knowing there is a blemish on that adorable little face! So of course not wanting to do anything like surgery or anything major for such a small imperfection I thought this would be a great opportunity for us.

So we applied got approved and very shortly after received our Angelicare kit shortly after. The kit includes an electric massager and two 2 oz. containers of Angelicare Ultra Nutricreme for all skin types. The company also includes a instruction manual and another short detailed book about the Angelicare system.
The overall process is estimated to take about 12 weeks for maximum results. I have used the system for 6 days on Keane and I can see a visible difference in the coloration of the spider vein. Where it was a blood red color it has toned down at least 2 if not 3 shades already! I am very pleased with the progress so far and cannot wait to see it vanish completely! I think given the results so far it will be gone within if not before 12 weeks! I would defiantly purchase this product in the future for spider vein treatment as it is a great alternative to pricey laser surgery and much less painful I am sure.

It is very easy to use and my 6 year old has even asked to do it himself! The massager is nice for the skin even without the cream so its like a 2 for 1 deal! I am very pleased I was selected for this great product and hope that you will head over to InventHelp and purchase your Angelicare System today! You can also call and order by phone 1-800-851-6030

Disclosure~ I was given a free sample of Angelicare for review. The opinions expressed above are my own.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden Burn the Rrrrump Rrrroast Review and Giveaway

Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden Burn the Rrrrump Rrrrroast
by Jennifer Kelman

First I have to say that this author is awesome! Not only does she write great fun loving books but is truly a humble kind spirit as well! To give me the opportunity to review her awesome book and then send a handwritten thank you note to me! Wow!!

So now on to the book!

I liked the title alone because both of my boys have a hard time pronouncing their R's. They substitute W for R and for the book to focus on the R will help them to see where they are making the mistake with their R! So that is a plus for us! And any story that involves a foot- licking dog is also right up our alley!

I liked trying to speak in an English accent for the kids! They thought that was really fun as well. The overall story is about a wrong number being dialed but it turns out that it is just what Henry needed! He was a boy missing his parents and his aunt accidentally dials up Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden. He is so entertained with Mrs. Pinkelmeyer's English accent (being a boy from New York) that he forgets all about missing his parents and stays ammused by Mrs. Pinkelmeyers accent and story of Moopus McGlinden' grocery store and bath adventure!

By the end of the book Henry cannot wait to take a bath and get scrubbed behind the ears just as Mrs. Pinkelmeyer did to Moopus McGlinden! And after she says goodnight well, she realizes that her delicious Rrrrump Rrrroast is all burnt up!!! But she is just happy that Henry feels all better! Mrs. Pinkelmeyer is very sweet not to get upset over her burnt diner!

Enter to Win this book!!!

All you have to do is check out Mrs. Pinkelmeyers Website
Leave a comment letting me know what other Mrs. Pinkelmeyer product you would like to have.
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Disclosure~I was given a copy of this book to review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, October 4, 2010

BrytonPick or Floss?

First I have to say I am not a big flosser! I do like to have a pretty smile and try to brush twice daily but I have never been much on flossing even though...
The string floss typically ends up hurting and swelling my gum even in the event I decide not to be lazy after meals and floss..lol!

But the idea of a pick floss.. anywhere anytime sounds a little more appealing! BrytonPick Floss in Seconds offers an easy 30 day pick! Floss after brushing, after meals or even (like me now) in the car pool line! It does not hurt the gum since it is not forced. You can literally see the gunk on the thin stainless steel pick each time you go in between your teeth. Where floss just seems to push it down the BrytonPick really cleans it out!

The BrytonPick is very reasonable considering it last for 30 days! Special offer on the site now buy 3 picks for $8.99! So don't miss out!! Go to BrytonPick Floss in Seconds now and order your new improved smile!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SmartKnit KIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks Review and Giveaway

I was excited to do the seamless sock review because my children have chubby little feet that are somewhat bear cubbish! lol. The seam has always left an indention in their little feet and ankle and it drives me nuts! This is especially true when they are infants. So when I saw this opportunity I thought it would be a great fit for us! Also having hardwood floors their socks seems to slip right off the moment I put them on! Inevitably I just give up and they end up with cold feet!

But thanks to SmartKnit KIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks that is no longer the case! I have not seen the first indention on Tyleigh's little bear foot since she has been wearing them and yes they DO stay on! They are great! Very good quality and well worth the money.

The socks are targeted towards infants and or children with sensory problems such as autism and etc.
They are also just great for all around wear. They almost remind of a comfy slipper but thin enough to wear a shoe with them as well. I will defiantly be ordering more for the boys and I!
Check out the website SmartKnit KIDS and choose your size and color today! There is a convenient sizing chart on the website. There is also different styles to choose from ankle, crew and knee- high! Don't forget they have them for adults as well!

Two lucky TSM readers will win a pair of these awesome socks! Enter for your chance to win your SmartKnit KIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks!

To Enter-

Check out the site and come back and let me know what color you would choose!
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Winner will be chosen on October 11 via random. org!!

Disclosure~ I was given 2 pairs of infant SmartKnit socks for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Way Home DVD

The Way Home featuring Dean Cain is based on a true story. That alone is a plus for me! I am a sucker for actual event movies. The movie is about an over worked father who was asked to keep an eye on his son by the mom while she was getting the rest of the luggage together for a family trip. When she walks back through the living room she sees her husband checking his work email. Aggravated by this she asks where Joe (their son) is at which point they walk outside to discover Joe is nowhere to be found.
After checking the house through and through and riding a four wheeler around the land to search themselves they decide they need help. They call authorities who come out ask questions and realize they are legit and need to start searching the woods and looking about for the boy. A minister is called who rounds up a lot of people in the Christian community who come out and help the family search as well. It is great to see people come together in fellowship and prayer in such a testy time like losing your child. I cannot imagine how these parents felt and what their emotions were while the search was underway.
The search goes on for a while and you will have to watch to see what is discovered and what happened to little Joe!
I enjoyed the movie not only because it was a true story but it is also a great family movie. It depicts good Christian values without horrible language or any other nudity, violence ect. That is hard to come by these days!
Disclosure~ I was given a copy of the DVD to review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Alphabet Woof by Sherrie A. Madia

Alphabet Woof
written by Sherrie A. Madia
Illustrated by Patrick Carlson

Alphabet Woof is a fun and humorous rhyming story of a Moxy the dog who eats Aunt Mable's magical alphabet soup and is able to speak.
Once the press finds out about Moxy's speaking abilities he gets called to do a talk show and becomes famous.
It turns out that fame was not exactly what he bargained for. What he really loved about his new found voice was the ability to communicate with the people he loved, his family.

So after the big new house and all his pampering he tells his family that he really just wants to go home. The Mom in the story agrees and they return home to a welcoming Aunt Mable!
Aunt Mable wants to hear all Moxy has to say which ends up being nothing! I think Moxy was tired!

From what I gather from the story is sometimes we wish for things that we think are important while overlooking the blessings right in front of our faces! The soup and talking dog were just a creative way to help get that lesson across! I enjoyed reading the book with my children and I think they enjoyed it to!

They also enjoyed the colorful comic like illustration. By purchasing this fun book you will also be helping support the SPCA. That is very important to me as an animal lover!

Disclosure~ I was given a copy of Alphabet Woof for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Chrismas Prayer by Amy Parker

A Christmas Prayer by Amy Parker
illustrated by Marijan Ramljak

I enjoyed reading this book to my children. The book expresses the true meaning of CHRISTmas.It gives thanks to God for Gabriel the angel, Mary, Joseph and even the donkey who pregnant Mary rode into Bethlehem. And most of all it gives thanks for God's perfect Christmas gift which is Jesus!
It offers a fun rhyme as it tells it's story and give thanks for what really matters at Christmas.

The book has a soft cover which is great for young babies to hold and touch. Very cute and modern illustration. The pictures are very cute and colorful.
It is short so it keeps the attention of young listeners. It is also a great book for older children to read to their siblings. A great all around Christmas book.

I really like this book. It is great for children so that they can be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas but also great to bring adults back to the real meaning as well. This will be a book we hold on to and read every Christmas for years to come.
Disclosure~ I was given a copy of this book from Booksneeze. All opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Printable Halloween Party Games Review

Typically when I review things they come in the mail! Not this time! I was able to get my product immediatly upon approval!
The company sent me a link to my direct party printables and I was able to download all the games easily and successfully in about 12 minutes. The one we chose to print was Halloween Maze Game and everything went great!
The whole process was very quick and went down with no problems. I peeked at all the games and they all look so fun and have cute colorful pictures to add to the excitment.

The only problem we will have is deciding which ones to use at our Halloween party! Although, alot of the games are great for using everyday. Home school Moms could get some great use out of the story and color pages for kids, They would also make great rewards for children as well. Mine are very excited to have the games downloaded to our computer and they will be well used.

The price at $19.95 is not bad considering you will have these forever with one click and I know first hand how pricey buying these games in party stores can be. I think it is well worth it. They also have some Thanksgiving and NFL games included in the package. The packages includes over 50 printables. There are games, scavenger hunts, coloring pages, crafts and a lot more to choose from.

I am very pleased with the selection and think you should go check out the site and see for yourself how cool the games are @ Halloween Party Games

You can buy your printables just in time for Halloween!
Disclosure~ I was given game printables for review. The opinions expressed are my own

Hair Flairs Pro Hair Tinsel Review and Giveaway!

Pro Hair Tinsel hair flairs are a really cute idea! What better time of year to need something like this than Halloween!?
The sparkle adds sass to any hair do. Great for costumes from fairies to rock stars, theatre stage shows, dancers and just for fun club nights! A great way to get noticed!

With colors ranging from Silver to Pink you are sure to find the perfect highlight for you! This is a great alternative to add some color without using harsh chemicals. They last up to 6 weeks even with shampoo and styling. I tied mine in and they lasted through brushing and sleeping so for me so far so good and really cute!! Although you can tie them in by yourself it is easier to have a helper.. especially for the back! Each package comes with a very instructional card on how to tie. That makes it much easier
The tinsel is strong and held up through brushing for me. This does seem to be about the most professional tinsel that I have seen considering the strength and colors.
You can use as many or a few as you wish and you can always add more if you want a fuller highlighted look.

The hair flairs are a bit pricey at $12 a package. The positive with that is they do last and there are a good bit of strands in each pack. I would buy them if I needed them for a costume or other special occasion.

Please check out the site Hair Flairs website and come back and let me know you did!
You can also see the instructional video!

Two Lucky TSM readers will get a package of thier own hair flairs!
To Enter-
Check out the site and come back and let me know what color you would choose!

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Winner will be chosen via Random.or on Sept 23rd! Good luck!! Please put your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you are a winner!

  • Disclosure~ I was given 2 packages of hair flairs for review. All opinions above are my own.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

T is for Tyleigh!

So you can imagine my excitement to hear the words " It's A Girl" after birthing 3 boys and raising 2!
Pink, bows, tutus, glitter and all that is girly sounded so appealing and fun.
Well, the bow thing worked until the motor skills developed enough that Tyleigh could take it off her head! lol
At 7 months if you put a ball or doll in front her guess which one she wants!?? Yep, the ball!
She is trying to keep up with these boys which means happier with a diaper only and racing cars!
She cries when I try to put dresses her!
She loves the dirt and leaves.
I guess I will just have a pretty little tomboy on my hands.
But I guess that is not so bad.. So did my Mom!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Boy Who Changed The World by Andy Andrews

The Boy Who Changed The World by Andy Andrews is a very touching book.
It starts off with a story about a boy named Norman who wanted to feed the hungry so he grew up to invent a seed that made super plants feeding 2 billion people!
So he changed the world..
but then it goes on to tell who helped him get to that point by hiring him and who helps that guy... and the cycle repeats itself. The butterfly effect or cycle of love.
It tells how the smallest thing we can do can have huge impacts on someone or something. It shares that God created us to do special things so we must always be attentive to the decision we make. because everything has an effect on us and people around us.
It gives children hope and inspiration to do the right things because it lets them know that they are special enough to be the kid who changes the world to.
We really enjoyed reading this book and think it is a great book for children and even adults! A very inspirational book showing how we can use our tools from God no matter how big or small they are!
Disclosure- I was given a copy of this book from booksneeze to review. All opinions stated are my own.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chunky Bling

We all love a little bling, right!?
Now you can get yours for a great afforadable price at ChunkyBling.com!
They offer a variety of rings, watches necklaces and more.
You can choose from the beaded watches or any of the other beaded jewelry .
They have cool contest such as blog for bling (what I am doing now!) as well as contest allowing customers like us to name new jewelry for bling!
It is a fun site to look at and again I think the prices are very reasonable!
You can also host an online jewelry party with Chunky Bling!
And for all of us proud Mommas they have beautiful mothers bracelets.
These are my favorite of course because it represents God's precious gifts to us!
So go check them out and comment and let me know you did!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Smiley Cookies Review and Giveaway!

Good news!! You do not have to go to the bakery and pay high prices for individual cookies anymore! You can get yummy Smiley Cookies by the dozen delivered right to your door!
Not only are they adorable and will make you smile but they taste wonderful. When you open the box its like a bakery in your house.You can literally smell how wonderful they will taste!

The colorful smiley faces are great for kids and anyone who needs a hug or smile! These are great for sending gifts to your loved ones and a great I love you gesture! I like them because even Tyleigh my 7 month old can eat them without having teeth! They are fresh and soft enough that she enjoyed one as well as the boys and I.

There are a lot of choices on the website here Smiley Cookies but they give you the chance to make your own cookie as well. If that is not cool enough already they will also be ship with an awesome Smiley gift box that is durable enough for your keepsakes such as pictures and collectibles!
They are great to have around for that bad day or skint knee! I love these cookies!! Not only for the wonderful taste but because of the wonderful smile that you will get and give when you purchase yours!

Disclosure~Smiley Cookie sent me a box of cookies to review.
The opinion above is my own.

Giveaway Rules~

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Winner will be chosen with random. org on Sept. 23th
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Customized Boutique Spider Costume- How To!

What you'll need.
A black shirt of any style (sized for child you want to make costume for)
I used one we already had to go as cheap as possible!
2-4 yrds. of black tulle
Black skinny headband
Goggly eyes (Dollar Tree)
4 pair black knee highs
black tissue or crepe paper
red washcloth
hot glue
needle and thread
First, get your headband and googly eyes. Glue 8 eyes onto the headband and viola.. easy as pie!
Next get your black shirt red rag and sharpie. Draw an hourglass onto the rag. Size depends on you. Cut the shape out and hot glue or sew onto the abdomen of the shirt.
Next get your knee highs. You will want to stuff all 8 with black paper. Again size is up to you. Once they are stuffed to your liking tie a knot at the end. Cut excess knee high away. Sew or glue 4 legs on each side of the shirt.
and last for your tutu. I used black elastic. Get your elastic and wrap around the child. Cut to fit waist. Sew ends together.
get your tulle and start cutting. Cut about half or 1 inch sections. How much depends on how full you want your tutu but make sure all your elastic is covered. Bring each piece of tulle around the elastic evenly so the ends meet and double knot. For a better explanation of making a tutu google no sew tutu's!
Hope this helps!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Max Lucado's One Hand, Two Hands

We really enjoyed Max Lucado's One Hand, Two Hands.
I read it to my 3 year old and 6 month old the moment it came in!
The illustration kept the baby's attention as well as the colorful words.
It is a very short rhyming story so I would suggest up to 5 years old in age group.
It would also make a good book for a beginner reader to read to them self or sibling!
It has cute illustrated pages by Gaby Hansen.
Full of life and color.
With every Max Lucado book I love the Christian aspect of the book as using our hands for prayer.
The book also recommends to the child to help!
Help clean up thier room, feed pets, help mommy so being a stay at home mommy of 3
I can appreciate that!
It is a book that you can read over and over again and that children are excited to hear.
I really enjoyed the book as well as my children and highly recommend it for your home and it would also be a great gift idea.
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So, I think I am obsessed with House Party. I spend about 5 hours a day looking at my screen and hoping for a green dot! lol. I really do love it. We have not hosted a party yet but we have been selected to do a Clone Wars party. The boys are excited. The only thing is out of the 30+ kids I would like to invite I have to narrow it down to 8 but its free and it will be fun for them and me! They are gonna send action figures and a Battle board game so it should be exciting! The boys love to have friends over and people love free stuff so its a good way to get them over! They have printables that you can download such as crossword puzzles, word searches etc. so that adds to the entertainment as well.

I REALLY wanted the Fisher Price party for Tyleigh. They are sending 5 brand new toys to the host diapers and stackable toys for the guests. I have lots of family and friends with newborns and 6-12 month olds so it would have been fun but I think it is already full. I will know for sure Monday but I think we are out on that one. Oh well, can't get em all! If you have free time and enjoy having parties you should check out the site if you have not already. It is free to sign up and the applications do not typically take over 5 minutes to fill out so if you are selected it is well worth your time.

I usually apply for all of them being a mommy of 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl and a stay at home Mommy there is not too much we aren't interested in. My next hope is the Durex party!! It would be really fun. kinda like a bachlorette type party for all girls! I would like to get a motel room and make it a slumber party!!
They add new stuff usually at least every week!
Well you should check it out and let me know when you get selected for something and if you are a local reader invite me!!!! =)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whazzz Uppp!!??

Hey everyone! Hope ya'll are doing well. I thought it was probably time to write a little since my last blog was July 27, eek!!
We have been busy! Not sure exactly doing what when or where but I know we have. lol. Keane started kindergarten 2 Mondays ago and he is enjoying it. Public school is harsh with those 7 hour days though. I think 8-12 would be okay myself but I guess I'm not the one to make that decision huh..? I just miss him ALOT during the day. Not only because he is has been home with me other than 3 day preschool last year but he is also a huge help with the other 2. Breck is bored! Its hard having a new baby sister and not a whole lot of Mommy attention!!! He has adjusted well though. Seeing how he went from Mommys hip baby to "middle" child all in 3 pushes! lol.
But anywho.. for the most part Keane is doing great.. other than missing him. lol. He is a true sweetheart and I am so proud of him!
I have also taken a strong liking to House Party. Have not been chosen but it is still fun to apply and hope! I think I will get one soon.. I can feel it in my bones. haha. We went to a PS3 Move party combined with Webkinz Jr. yesterday and had a blast! The kids got to try out the new PS3 system and even got to bring home Webkinz Jrs! Which are pretty awesome.. hmmm... I feel a review coming on? LOL. Thanks to my friend Angela for inviting us! She is a PRO-blogger!!
I have a couple books coming in to review. I think I am going to stick with Childrens books from now on. You can go to Booksneeze and get free books to blog about if you didn't already know! That's where I get mine! I like the site. They have alot of Christian inspired books for kids and adults!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Jesus You Can't Ignore by John Macarthur

The Jesus You Can't ignore talks about learning from the bold tribulations of Christ.

Although most times Jesus was tender in handling sinners the Bible does tell of other times when he had to be bold. For example Matthew 21:12 tells us that Jesus went into the church and threw out all that were doing dirty deeds there also overturning tables and chairs. His character was righteous even here in my opinion because he was doing this in his Fathers name. His anger was still selfless and pure so he is still without sin and right. He knew what he had to do to make the temple God's again and he did it. He would have been wrong to overlook these wrong doings. Jesus saw people's hearts so this gave him the wisdom to know how to deal with individuals.

Jesus never backed down from who he was or his purpose. He was ridiculed all his life by the non- believers who would have given anything to make our Savior back down . The harder the Pharisees tried to break him down the harder he showed his equivalence to God. Casting out demons to be called a demon himself. How hard it must have been to stand alone with so much pressure and so many haters. Jesus condemned the Pharisees religion. There phony approach to holiness, twisting scripture and overconfidence at the sermon on the Mount. Everyone knew that. Jesus did not try to candy coat his mission on the Mount. He was going to denounce the Pharisees teachings and made it known. He was not afraid to correct them. So we see not only a tender sweet loving Lord but we must see the bold strong and righteous Lord as well.

The bible teaches in John 7:24 We are also called to be soldiers for the cause of truth. I agree with John when he says here that this means that among other things we have some fighting to do. Fighting selflessly and righteously in His name sake. We must be bold and brave.

Jesus fought daily even if not physically. He fought Satan, never giving in. He fought non-believers. He stood for what he was and what he represented. He never backed down. He carried his cross and got nailed to it bravely. We as Christians have to be bold. Never giving Satan the pleasure of getting to us. We are all on a bold mission. Be selfless the way our Christ was selfless in giving his own precious life for us.

I enjoyed reading the book. It is full of good Biblical info and scripture. I like that it shows the of strength Jesus and tunes into his boldness and bravery.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Whew and Ewww!!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing wonderful. We have finally recouped after a long weekend! My sister in law got married Saturday and of course there are bridesmaid luncheons rehearsals, dinners, etc. and then the big day is full of pictures. All of us except little Tyleigh were in the wedding so it was ALOT! Hard with her nursing to. But we made it and now Anthony and Karis are married. I was queasy all day and ended up throwing up Saturday. With me you never know if it is anxiety and nerves or what... I suffer horribly from panic attacks. Monday Keane got sick throwing up as well so who knows! We are good now though!!
The Tang's alteration down Atlanta Hwy. mis-placed Keane's pants and said they never had them. They altered Breck's shirt and pants and Keane's shirt so I left Keane's pants there as well. When I went to pick them up they were very rude and jumped on their defenses automatically when I asked about the other pair of the pants. They said the pants are not on the receipt so they are not our responsibility. I told them I was not accusing anyone but this was my sons outfit for my sister in laws wedding and I would appreciate them looking. They would not look and kept saying not our responsibility, not on the receipt. So I went home looked around EVERYWHERE and the pants were nowhere to be found. I called Tang's again begging and pleading for them to look in the lobby or anywhere. The lady said if they were here they would have already turned up, but we will keep a lookout. I called my sister in law and told her what had happened, she was less than thrilled at the situation.. My mother in law calls about 5 minutes after I hung up with Karis to say that she had another outfit that may work for Keane. I immediately go over to try it on and it worked for him although it did not match Breck's. I kept hoping they would call before the wedding and say they had found them but they did not. They both still looked adorable and the outfits coordinated well so it was not a huge deal on the wedding day. Well, guess what?? 2 days after the wedding I get a call from Rhonda (my mother in law) to say Tangs called her and said they found Keane's pants. They apologized to her she said. Well, I thought that I should be the one to go pick up the pants to see if I would get an apology since they were so rude and pretty much had my in laws convinced I had lost the pants. (By the way thank you Momma for knowing that Tang's had those pants the whole time and believing me!) So, I walk in and she looks at me and says Can I help you? I said yes I am here to get the pants. Oh, yea. You left them here and we stuck them back here so they would not get lost. I just smiled took the back and started to walk out ( I prayed that I would not go off on the way to the store) when I was walking out after giving me the bag with the pants, she said you are here for the white pants right? I said yep and walked out. She did not offer any apology to me and was still clueless! I will never ever use that Tangs again and have to say that they gave the WORST customer service I can remember. I obviously would not recommend to a friend based on my experience! Oh and my bridesmaids dress was about 3 sizes too big up top.. I'm just sayin!
Anyway, I am glad that they at least called after finding them so my in laws know I did not loose the pants and my mother in law has her outfits back.
We are all weddin-ed out for the next little while! I'm getting to old to be a bridesmaid anyway and definitely to broke! lol
On a happier note, we watched Bounty Hunter and Book of Eli this week and both are great movies. The boys and I are going to make sock monkey's today and I may redo my header with them if they turn out and I can get creative. I also just picked up a baby book for Tyleigh Eden now that she is 5 1/2 months old! I'm looking for a Jenny Jump Up now. Got some cute frog princes to put on clippies to. I'm gonna try to get those made up and sell for a couple bucks a piece and of course save one for my princess. So be on the lookout for that! Also I have 2 Giveaways ending tonight at 12 and winner/winners will post first thing in the a.m. so get your comment in for a chance to win!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Max Lucado's You Can Be Everything God Wants You To Be Review

First, I have to say that I am not a big reader. I do enjoy my Bible and a few short Dr. Seuss books here and there though all in all I am more of a movie girl but when I was contacted by Booksneeze to do the review on Max Lucado's book (being familiar with him in Christ) I thought I would give it a try! I must tell you I am glad I did!

They say you cannot judge a book by it's cover but in this case I will say they are wrong. The cover says to me that by being what God wants us to be we are jumping into a much bigger experience with a lot more enjoyment! More room to breathe and swim!! It is a much better life and in my experience with God this holds true as well.

I enjoyed the book mostly from what I found to be the whole point of it and that is God has already given us the tool/tools to be what he is longing for us to be. As Christians we sit and ponder and wonder what do you want from me God. In this book Max helps us understand that we already have the gift. Whether it is witnessing across the world, to our own children, helping the poor and sick or animals. It is in you and it is your calling. And when we allow our unique gift to shine through daily in Christ name ....Then God will be given glory (1 Pet. 4:10-11 NLT)

On page 56 on the side of the page it is written "An early strength forecasts a lifelong trait." God has given us this strength to please him and by pleasing him we will please others, by pleasing others we will please ourselves. I believe after reading this book that my true calling is to be home with my family and help poor defenseless animals. I have had this strength/trait since I was a small child. I have had this heart for as long as I can remember. I have often second guessed that it was what God wanted me to do because it was so pleasing to me but after reading Max Lucado's You Can Be Everything God Wants Me You Be, I am sure that is what He has called of me.

I recommend you get your copy and read it and get your own interpretation and see what He has in store for you. Thank you for reading my review and thank you Booksneeze for the opportunity to read and review such a great author and book!
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Introducing Personalized Accessory Clips!!! *GIVEAWAY!*

Yep! Another giveaway! Yay =)

This time I am giving away personalized accessory clips to 3 winners!!

These are really adorable! Clip them anywhere!! Tyleigh has one on her carseat strap, bows, headbands, bow hanger, everywhere!!

There is so much you can do even without hair!!

They are now for sale on my Etsy along with the adorable personalized bracelets! Buy it http://www.etsy.com/listing/51026768/personalized-hair-and-accessory-clip now or win it here!!!
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The 3rd, 4th and 5th were a lot of fun! We went to the pool party Sat. My in law's Sun then to Old Alabama Town Park to see the fireworks from the Biscuits stadium. Monday we went to Auburn to Chewacla State Park and the boys had a blast! It is a lot of fun. If you are local you should check it out for sure. Its a great man made lake with about a 20 foot+ diving board that both my daredevils jumped off of! Dog friendly, Canoe and kayaking friendly. Picnic areas, a beautiful waterfall to hike to. Best of all town is less than a mile away!!! You feel like you are in the wilderness but you can get to a Mickey D's in minutes! They want to go back and camp out there. I think that will be a great idea for the fellas and Tyleigh Eden and I will just go on over to my sister in law Sydney's house and stay when its bed time!!

Although the drive is about 30-45 minutes it seems much less because you are on the interstate the whole time. And without stops and slowing traffic etc. its better for gas and you get there quicker! Ben wants a kayak now!! He wants to trade or sell his Bianchi bike for a kayak. Hopefully that will work out for him! I think he and the boys would enjoy it. I'm good as long as I don't have to paddle.. lazy =) !! he he

The park was a little dirty but considering it is outdoors I guess that is typical. The restroom facility seemed very unattended which is a shame because it is a beautiful pavilion that the restroom area is built in.... All in all a good place though.
Well check out the park and visit sometime! http://www.alapark.com/chewacla/

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth of July Weekend Errbody!!

Hey guys and gals!
Just wanted to wish all a Happy Fourth Weekend!
We will be celebrating at a pool party today hosted by a coworker of my husband. I made Buffalo Chicken dip (which is awesome!) Let me know if you want the recipe!!
Then tomorrow we will go to my in laws house for homemade ice cream grilling and good times followed by a firework show somewhere! More than likey at the Biscuits stadium!!
Lots of fun!
Special shout out to Eighty MPH Mom http://www.eightymphmom.com for making me a Dominos Pizza gift card winner!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hair Clippie Giveaway!

I have been enjoying all this girl stuff! Growing up with a brother in the country I was never really a girly girl when I was younger so Im gonna try and make sure that Tyleigh Eden has some priss to her!! I also enjoy creating things although most of them are slightly imperfect or not quite right!lol They are always made with love!!

So in honor of all that is GIRLY I am giving away 2 hair clippies that I made to 1 lucky Three Silly Monkies reader!

The clippies pictured are the ones up for grabs!
Open to US readers!

To enter: Mandatory~Leave a comment here that you would like to win the clippies.
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It Has Been a "Minute!"

I know I have fallen a bit behind on my updating this past week. I have been running around a lot and learning to make new things and just busy! I learned to the no sew tutus and pin wheel bows and also hair clippies! Yay! So I am going to try to do a giveaway on a set of clippies today if I can get them made and take a picture. As rainy as it looks this a.m. Id say there is a good chance I will get to it! Although it is only 5 am and I am up thanks to my little girl monkie! lol
I was thinking about changing my blog name. I know that sounds ridiculous since I just started it but if I can find a design and all that I may just go ahead and change it up. Since my traffic is pretty low at this point it wont be a biggie and I have a name I like better!
Kiddos are good! We had my husbands younger brothers over yesterday and we played on the slip n slide then a nice game of kick ball! We had a great time and Keane and Breck loved having company! Tyleigh is 5 months old today! It had really flown by. Makes me feel a little sad because she is my last baby. But I am grateful she is developing and growing etc. its just , Id like for them to completely depend on me a little longer!
Breck may be glad when she starts crawling around and get more Independence. Bless his bones he has really taken the backseat" gracefully. He loves his baby sister. To have gone from the baby to the middle child he has done really well and never shows jealousy which surprises me! And Keane, well as long as he has the Wii he is okay ha!
Well, I'm gonna wrap this up for now and get the house cleaned up so I can start on clippies and changing my blog and a new design! Be on the lookout for it all!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wonderful Giveaway Oppurtunity from Pink Chicken and Natural Baby Goods!

Natural Baby Goods is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a gorgeous Pink Chicken dress!
http://www.naturalbabygoods.com/pink-chicken-estelle-dress-review-and-giveaway/comment-page-2/#comment-12691 Check out Natural Baby Goods and enter!

Dont forget to stop by Pink Chicken as well http://www.pinkchicken.com/and check out the great line of products!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bio-Groom Groom'n Fresh Eliminates Odors Indeed and is Environment Friendly!

Being the owner of 4 dogs, 2 cats and then some I often look for and purchase pet products. My chihuahua Azule has skin allergies and requires special shampoo. Not only for his own benefit but those of us who have to smell him!!
The best shampoo I have found for him by far is Bio-Groom Groom n' Fresh scented shampoo. The fragrance is not to strong and very long lasting. This particular shampoo is also helpful for his dry skin.
The product is good for dogs and cats! It goes a very long way. You can use it full strength or diluted. I use it full on my dogs and dilute on my cats. 12 oz. bottle last at least 5 baths on 6 animals! My labs are not small either!! It may seem more pricey than others but it is worth every penny of the $10 you will spend! Not only does the smell last longer but so does the shampoo!
Bio-Groom products are soap free and 100% natural shampoo!! Biodegradable as well so much better for our environment!!
So next time you are looking for a good shampoo don't just take my word for it. Go to http://www.showdogstore.com/
and see for yourself!!!!
Disclosure~ I am in no way affiliated with Bio Groom. I have not been compensated by Bio Groom or Show Dog Store in anyway. I have only purchased and enjoyed their product!


Aren't milestones bitter sweet!? I mean, we want our children to be on time, up to par, just like their peers but for me seeing mine get there can be hard. It seems like just yesterday Keane was a baby and I know for sure 3 weeks ago he was scared to death of the water! However yesterday he passed his swim test at the YMCA. He swam the full length of the pool and got to wear a green band! He was so proud! He favored that little wrist the whole time we were there!

Don't get me wrong I am super proud of him but it just does not seem like he should be swimming already!

I had to go register him for school to. He will be starting Kindergarten in about 2 months and that makes me feel a little sad. I cried pretty hard at his pre-school graduation! He is just growing up so quick. It makes me happy to have Breck and Tyleigh that still depend on me some! lol

I guess when they start school Ill just have to start a home daycare or small animal shelter!?

Tyleigh is so BUMBO!

I have spoken with many moms who "swear" by the Bumbo seat. I was not convinced by it and thought that it might even delay their development because if they were depending on it then they might not learn to sit alone as quickly. I did not use a Bumbo with Keane or Breck and now that I was given one to use for Tyleigh I wish I had!
She loves it! Her favorite thing to do is sit at the table while we eat as a family. With her being our family she deserves that right!? But she can not sit up well enough and is not quite tall enough to sit in a high chair yet so she gets to sit on the table in her Bumbo! I have been using it with her since she was 1 month old and holding her head up without support and guess what?? She can sit up alone even though she has used the Bumbo!!
Don't get me wrong she isn't great at sitting alone and falls over after a few minutes but she is just as advanced as the boys were at this age. So I have to take back my concern with the Bumbo I guess!
Even though it probably is not recommended I lift her in the Bumbo and carry her from room to room as I clean or do my daily mom things. She loves it outside, in the shower and everywhere!
Yes, I said shower. The awesome material it is made of is weatherproof so you can even bath them in the Bumbo! I know right, awesome!!
Ours is pink since having 2 boys and all blue pretty much all Tyleigh owns is pink but there are many colors to choose from. They are durable and best they are soft and provide cushion so that even if your baby doesn't sit up so well it does not hurt for their little precious heads to wobble and hit. The price is very reasonable for the use and enjoyment your little one is sure to get out of it!We have really enjoyed the Bumbo and I'm pretty sure will be using it even after she is a pro at sitting up alone just because she likes it so much!
and get yours today!!
Disclosure~ I am not affiliated with Bumbo in any way nor have I been compensated for my review. I have only purchased and enjoyed their product!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Starting Out is Hard!

I'm not sure what I expected, well actually I take that back.. I figured when I posted a giveaway on my blog traffic would just pour in! Unfortunately that has not been the case. I have spent most of my time entering other blog giveaways and I'm hoping I did it right! lol I think I left out my email address on some of them so I'm hoping I will get contacted if I win! I feel a little bad about spending so much time on here and not enough with the kids the past few days to. Do not get me wrong I'm gonna keep going at it and keep trying but sometime I can get to overly involved in things and obsess over them when I need to be putting time elsewhere as well. I did get my first product for blog review acceptance email today so I am looking forward to getting the book to read and review! Hopefully some other things will come up soon as well. Its fun and interesting to do the blogging thing so I'm gonna keep it up and see what is to come of it!!

Personalized Bracelets by Ashleigh (thats me!)

You will love these unique and one of a kind personalized bracelets! I handmake each bracelet individually and with love! They are great for gifts and party favors. They are a great expression of yourself with whatever colors you choose! Choose from 1-4 colors!! They also look very stylish! My kids love them and yours will to!!!

Open to US readers. Thanks!!

I will be giving away 2 handmade name bracelets to two lucky
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Drawing will be held on June 30, 2010. Winner will be chosen with random.org!
Contest closed Winners posted.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Super Mario Bros. on Wii takes me back!

We recently purchased New Super Mario Bros. for Keane and Breck or so I thought! I love this game!! It is so much like the original that it takes me back to my childhood as I play. I love getting to the next level so that I can see how similar it is to the original Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo!

I have often thought of finding an original Nintendo in good condition (which is hard) just to play this game but now I can play on the new and improved Nintendo (Wii)! I love it!! Although it is so close to the original it has more perks. More hidden coins, free lives and excitement. I also enjoy the graphics better.

One of my favorite aspects is that you can actually carry your partner in the mouth of Yoshi on certain worlds. Which is great for me since I'm playing with a 3 or 5 year old and have a minimal patience level! Although I'm far from saving Princess Toadstool!! It is nice to leave behind the stress of a stay at home mommy's day and relax playing something that reminds you of being a kid again!

Don't get me wrong the boys enjoy it all as much if not more than I do! They are also years from saving the princess but they love it anyway. Even at 3 and 5 they do really well. I will catch them going back to play certain worlds just to get fire and ice power! So even though they may not fully understand the whole concept they spend hours of each day playing. Keane is always Mario and Breck is always Luigi which is the same way my older brother and I would play the original. Back then you had to take turns but now with the New you can play together at the same time! If one of you dies the other pops you out of a bubble and you continue on until both of you die! Its very fun!

My husband loves the game as well. He is a little more advanced than the boys and I. He has saved the princess a couple times and unlocked "special" worlds! Even though he has already completed it he keeps going back to do it all over again! There are very few games that can hold true to their E for Everyone rating but being the owner of New Super Mario Brothers in a house of enjoyers from ages 3-30 I have to say this game is without a doubt one of them in my opinion!

Disclosure~ I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo nor have I been compensated for this review in any way. I have only purchased and enjoyed the product.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kinda Like Cotton Candy!

If you think I am referring to the sweetness of myself, I'm not! haha
I am blogging to fill you in on the uniqueness and cuteness of my 3 year old son Breck!
As I was washing up dishes from last nights supper he came in and said "Look at my feather Momma!"
I said "Yes B I like your feather, that's nice."
He replied, "Its kinda like cotton candy isn't it Momma?"
Confused I said "Why do you think its like cotton candy."
Breck replies "Because it is two colors, cotton candy is two colors.
He he. He is such a cutie pie!!
And of course now I want... yep, cotton candy!

So, after a little consideration I decided to pack the car up and head to the store.

We decided on Mr B's Fun Foods and are happy we did!http://www.mrbsfunfoods.com/

Breck chose 3 colors instead of 2 even though I thought his comparison of a 2 color feather and 2 color cotton candy was quite keen!

The pink is my very favorite but the mixture of tastes and colors is a fun way to eat! Mr B's is always fresh and melts in your mouth.

A bonus for me since I'm trying to shed the rest of my baby weight is the low calories of this cotton candy!

We all enjoyed our yummy bags but I have to say that Breck was most pleased to get his!!!
Disclosure~ I am in no way affiliated with Mr. B's Fun Foods nor have I received any compensation for my review. I just purchased and enjoyed the product!