Friday, June 18, 2010

Bio-Groom Groom'n Fresh Eliminates Odors Indeed and is Environment Friendly!

Being the owner of 4 dogs, 2 cats and then some I often look for and purchase pet products. My chihuahua Azule has skin allergies and requires special shampoo. Not only for his own benefit but those of us who have to smell him!!
The best shampoo I have found for him by far is Bio-Groom Groom n' Fresh scented shampoo. The fragrance is not to strong and very long lasting. This particular shampoo is also helpful for his dry skin.
The product is good for dogs and cats! It goes a very long way. You can use it full strength or diluted. I use it full on my dogs and dilute on my cats. 12 oz. bottle last at least 5 baths on 6 animals! My labs are not small either!! It may seem more pricey than others but it is worth every penny of the $10 you will spend! Not only does the smell last longer but so does the shampoo!
Bio-Groom products are soap free and 100% natural shampoo!! Biodegradable as well so much better for our environment!!
So next time you are looking for a good shampoo don't just take my word for it. Go to
and see for yourself!!!!
Disclosure~ I am in no way affiliated with Bio Groom. I have not been compensated by Bio Groom or Show Dog Store in anyway. I have only purchased and enjoyed their product!

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