Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Super Mario Bros. on Wii takes me back!

We recently purchased New Super Mario Bros. for Keane and Breck or so I thought! I love this game!! It is so much like the original that it takes me back to my childhood as I play. I love getting to the next level so that I can see how similar it is to the original Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo!

I have often thought of finding an original Nintendo in good condition (which is hard) just to play this game but now I can play on the new and improved Nintendo (Wii)! I love it!! Although it is so close to the original it has more perks. More hidden coins, free lives and excitement. I also enjoy the graphics better.

One of my favorite aspects is that you can actually carry your partner in the mouth of Yoshi on certain worlds. Which is great for me since I'm playing with a 3 or 5 year old and have a minimal patience level! Although I'm far from saving Princess Toadstool!! It is nice to leave behind the stress of a stay at home mommy's day and relax playing something that reminds you of being a kid again!

Don't get me wrong the boys enjoy it all as much if not more than I do! They are also years from saving the princess but they love it anyway. Even at 3 and 5 they do really well. I will catch them going back to play certain worlds just to get fire and ice power! So even though they may not fully understand the whole concept they spend hours of each day playing. Keane is always Mario and Breck is always Luigi which is the same way my older brother and I would play the original. Back then you had to take turns but now with the New you can play together at the same time! If one of you dies the other pops you out of a bubble and you continue on until both of you die! Its very fun!

My husband loves the game as well. He is a little more advanced than the boys and I. He has saved the princess a couple times and unlocked "special" worlds! Even though he has already completed it he keeps going back to do it all over again! There are very few games that can hold true to their E for Everyone rating but being the owner of New Super Mario Brothers in a house of enjoyers from ages 3-30 I have to say this game is without a doubt one of them in my opinion!

Disclosure~ I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo nor have I been compensated for this review in any way. I have only purchased and enjoyed the product.

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