Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kinda Like Cotton Candy!

If you think I am referring to the sweetness of myself, I'm not! haha
I am blogging to fill you in on the uniqueness and cuteness of my 3 year old son Breck!
As I was washing up dishes from last nights supper he came in and said "Look at my feather Momma!"
I said "Yes B I like your feather, that's nice."
He replied, "Its kinda like cotton candy isn't it Momma?"
Confused I said "Why do you think its like cotton candy."
Breck replies "Because it is two colors, cotton candy is two colors.
He he. He is such a cutie pie!!
And of course now I want... yep, cotton candy!

So, after a little consideration I decided to pack the car up and head to the store.

We decided on Mr B's Fun Foods and are happy we did!http://www.mrbsfunfoods.com/

Breck chose 3 colors instead of 2 even though I thought his comparison of a 2 color feather and 2 color cotton candy was quite keen!

The pink is my very favorite but the mixture of tastes and colors is a fun way to eat! Mr B's is always fresh and melts in your mouth.

A bonus for me since I'm trying to shed the rest of my baby weight is the low calories of this cotton candy!

We all enjoyed our yummy bags but I have to say that Breck was most pleased to get his!!!
Disclosure~ I am in no way affiliated with Mr. B's Fun Foods nor have I received any compensation for my review. I just purchased and enjoyed the product!

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