Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Bio-Groom Groom'n Fresh Eliminates Odors Indeed and is Environment Friendly!

Being the owner of 4 dogs, 2 cats and then some I often look for and purchase pet products. My chihuahua Azule has skin allergies and requires special shampoo. Not only for his own benefit but those of us who have to smell him!!
The best shampoo I have found for him by far is Bio-Groom Groom n' Fresh scented shampoo. The fragrance is not to strong and very long lasting. This particular shampoo is also helpful for his dry skin.
The product is good for dogs and cats! It goes a very long way. You can use it full strength or diluted. I use it full on my dogs and dilute on my cats. 12 oz. bottle last at least 5 baths on 6 animals! My labs are not small either!! It may seem more pricey than others but it is worth every penny of the $10 you will spend! Not only does the smell last longer but so does the shampoo!
Bio-Groom products are soap free and 100% natural shampoo!! Biodegradable as well so much better for our environment!!
So next time you are looking for a good shampoo don't just take my word for it. Go to
and see for yourself!!!!
Disclosure~ I am in no way affiliated with Bio Groom. I have not been compensated by Bio Groom or Show Dog Store in anyway. I have only purchased and enjoyed their product!


Aren't milestones bitter sweet!? I mean, we want our children to be on time, up to par, just like their peers but for me seeing mine get there can be hard. It seems like just yesterday Keane was a baby and I know for sure 3 weeks ago he was scared to death of the water! However yesterday he passed his swim test at the YMCA. He swam the full length of the pool and got to wear a green band! He was so proud! He favored that little wrist the whole time we were there!

Don't get me wrong I am super proud of him but it just does not seem like he should be swimming already!

I had to go register him for school to. He will be starting Kindergarten in about 2 months and that makes me feel a little sad. I cried pretty hard at his pre-school graduation! He is just growing up so quick. It makes me happy to have Breck and Tyleigh that still depend on me some! lol

I guess when they start school Ill just have to start a home daycare or small animal shelter!?

Tyleigh is so BUMBO!

I have spoken with many moms who "swear" by the Bumbo seat. I was not convinced by it and thought that it might even delay their development because if they were depending on it then they might not learn to sit alone as quickly. I did not use a Bumbo with Keane or Breck and now that I was given one to use for Tyleigh I wish I had!
She loves it! Her favorite thing to do is sit at the table while we eat as a family. With her being our family she deserves that right!? But she can not sit up well enough and is not quite tall enough to sit in a high chair yet so she gets to sit on the table in her Bumbo! I have been using it with her since she was 1 month old and holding her head up without support and guess what?? She can sit up alone even though she has used the Bumbo!!
Don't get me wrong she isn't great at sitting alone and falls over after a few minutes but she is just as advanced as the boys were at this age. So I have to take back my concern with the Bumbo I guess!
Even though it probably is not recommended I lift her in the Bumbo and carry her from room to room as I clean or do my daily mom things. She loves it outside, in the shower and everywhere!
Yes, I said shower. The awesome material it is made of is weatherproof so you can even bath them in the Bumbo! I know right, awesome!!
Ours is pink since having 2 boys and all blue pretty much all Tyleigh owns is pink but there are many colors to choose from. They are durable and best they are soft and provide cushion so that even if your baby doesn't sit up so well it does not hurt for their little precious heads to wobble and hit. The price is very reasonable for the use and enjoyment your little one is sure to get out of it!We have really enjoyed the Bumbo and I'm pretty sure will be using it even after she is a pro at sitting up alone just because she likes it so much!
and get yours today!!
Disclosure~ I am not affiliated with Bumbo in any way nor have I been compensated for my review. I have only purchased and enjoyed their product!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Starting Out is Hard!

I'm not sure what I expected, well actually I take that back.. I figured when I posted a giveaway on my blog traffic would just pour in! Unfortunately that has not been the case. I have spent most of my time entering other blog giveaways and I'm hoping I did it right! lol I think I left out my email address on some of them so I'm hoping I will get contacted if I win! I feel a little bad about spending so much time on here and not enough with the kids the past few days to. Do not get me wrong I'm gonna keep going at it and keep trying but sometime I can get to overly involved in things and obsess over them when I need to be putting time elsewhere as well. I did get my first product for blog review acceptance email today so I am looking forward to getting the book to read and review! Hopefully some other things will come up soon as well. Its fun and interesting to do the blogging thing so I'm gonna keep it up and see what is to come of it!!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Super Mario Bros. on Wii takes me back!

We recently purchased New Super Mario Bros. for Keane and Breck or so I thought! I love this game!! It is so much like the original that it takes me back to my childhood as I play. I love getting to the next level so that I can see how similar it is to the original Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo!

I have often thought of finding an original Nintendo in good condition (which is hard) just to play this game but now I can play on the new and improved Nintendo (Wii)! I love it!! Although it is so close to the original it has more perks. More hidden coins, free lives and excitement. I also enjoy the graphics better.

One of my favorite aspects is that you can actually carry your partner in the mouth of Yoshi on certain worlds. Which is great for me since I'm playing with a 3 or 5 year old and have a minimal patience level! Although I'm far from saving Princess Toadstool!! It is nice to leave behind the stress of a stay at home mommy's day and relax playing something that reminds you of being a kid again!

Don't get me wrong the boys enjoy it all as much if not more than I do! They are also years from saving the princess but they love it anyway. Even at 3 and 5 they do really well. I will catch them going back to play certain worlds just to get fire and ice power! So even though they may not fully understand the whole concept they spend hours of each day playing. Keane is always Mario and Breck is always Luigi which is the same way my older brother and I would play the original. Back then you had to take turns but now with the New you can play together at the same time! If one of you dies the other pops you out of a bubble and you continue on until both of you die! Its very fun!

My husband loves the game as well. He is a little more advanced than the boys and I. He has saved the princess a couple times and unlocked "special" worlds! Even though he has already completed it he keeps going back to do it all over again! There are very few games that can hold true to their E for Everyone rating but being the owner of New Super Mario Brothers in a house of enjoyers from ages 3-30 I have to say this game is without a doubt one of them in my opinion!

Disclosure~ I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo nor have I been compensated for this review in any way. I have only purchased and enjoyed the product.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kinda Like Cotton Candy!

If you think I am referring to the sweetness of myself, I'm not! haha
I am blogging to fill you in on the uniqueness and cuteness of my 3 year old son Breck!
As I was washing up dishes from last nights supper he came in and said "Look at my feather Momma!"
I said "Yes B I like your feather, that's nice."
He replied, "Its kinda like cotton candy isn't it Momma?"
Confused I said "Why do you think its like cotton candy."
Breck replies "Because it is two colors, cotton candy is two colors.
He he. He is such a cutie pie!!
And of course now I want... yep, cotton candy!

So, after a little consideration I decided to pack the car up and head to the store.

We decided on Mr B's Fun Foods and are happy we did!

Breck chose 3 colors instead of 2 even though I thought his comparison of a 2 color feather and 2 color cotton candy was quite keen!

The pink is my very favorite but the mixture of tastes and colors is a fun way to eat! Mr B's is always fresh and melts in your mouth.

A bonus for me since I'm trying to shed the rest of my baby weight is the low calories of this cotton candy!

We all enjoyed our yummy bags but I have to say that Breck was most pleased to get his!!!
Disclosure~ I am in no way affiliated with Mr. B's Fun Foods nor have I received any compensation for my review. I just purchased and enjoyed the product!