Thursday, June 17, 2010

Starting Out is Hard!

I'm not sure what I expected, well actually I take that back.. I figured when I posted a giveaway on my blog traffic would just pour in! Unfortunately that has not been the case. I have spent most of my time entering other blog giveaways and I'm hoping I did it right! lol I think I left out my email address on some of them so I'm hoping I will get contacted if I win! I feel a little bad about spending so much time on here and not enough with the kids the past few days to. Do not get me wrong I'm gonna keep going at it and keep trying but sometime I can get to overly involved in things and obsess over them when I need to be putting time elsewhere as well. I did get my first product for blog review acceptance email today so I am looking forward to getting the book to read and review! Hopefully some other things will come up soon as well. Its fun and interesting to do the blogging thing so I'm gonna keep it up and see what is to come of it!!

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