Friday, June 18, 2010

Tyleigh is so BUMBO!

I have spoken with many moms who "swear" by the Bumbo seat. I was not convinced by it and thought that it might even delay their development because if they were depending on it then they might not learn to sit alone as quickly. I did not use a Bumbo with Keane or Breck and now that I was given one to use for Tyleigh I wish I had!
She loves it! Her favorite thing to do is sit at the table while we eat as a family. With her being our family she deserves that right!? But she can not sit up well enough and is not quite tall enough to sit in a high chair yet so she gets to sit on the table in her Bumbo! I have been using it with her since she was 1 month old and holding her head up without support and guess what?? She can sit up alone even though she has used the Bumbo!!
Don't get me wrong she isn't great at sitting alone and falls over after a few minutes but she is just as advanced as the boys were at this age. So I have to take back my concern with the Bumbo I guess!
Even though it probably is not recommended I lift her in the Bumbo and carry her from room to room as I clean or do my daily mom things. She loves it outside, in the shower and everywhere!
Yes, I said shower. The awesome material it is made of is weatherproof so you can even bath them in the Bumbo! I know right, awesome!!
Ours is pink since having 2 boys and all blue pretty much all Tyleigh owns is pink but there are many colors to choose from. They are durable and best they are soft and provide cushion so that even if your baby doesn't sit up so well it does not hurt for their little precious heads to wobble and hit. The price is very reasonable for the use and enjoyment your little one is sure to get out of it!We have really enjoyed the Bumbo and I'm pretty sure will be using it even after she is a pro at sitting up alone just because she likes it so much!
and get yours today!!
Disclosure~ I am not affiliated with Bumbo in any way nor have I been compensated for my review. I have only purchased and enjoyed their product!

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