Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whazzz Uppp!!??

Hey everyone! Hope ya'll are doing well. I thought it was probably time to write a little since my last blog was July 27, eek!!
We have been busy! Not sure exactly doing what when or where but I know we have. lol. Keane started kindergarten 2 Mondays ago and he is enjoying it. Public school is harsh with those 7 hour days though. I think 8-12 would be okay myself but I guess I'm not the one to make that decision huh..? I just miss him ALOT during the day. Not only because he is has been home with me other than 3 day preschool last year but he is also a huge help with the other 2. Breck is bored! Its hard having a new baby sister and not a whole lot of Mommy attention!!! He has adjusted well though. Seeing how he went from Mommys hip baby to "middle" child all in 3 pushes! lol.
But anywho.. for the most part Keane is doing great.. other than missing him. lol. He is a true sweetheart and I am so proud of him!
I have also taken a strong liking to House Party. Have not been chosen but it is still fun to apply and hope! I think I will get one soon.. I can feel it in my bones. haha. We went to a PS3 Move party combined with Webkinz Jr. yesterday and had a blast! The kids got to try out the new PS3 system and even got to bring home Webkinz Jrs! Which are pretty awesome.. hmmm... I feel a review coming on? LOL. Thanks to my friend Angela for inviting us! She is a PRO-blogger!!
I have a couple books coming in to review. I think I am going to stick with Childrens books from now on. You can go to Booksneeze and get free books to blog about if you didn't already know! That's where I get mine! I like the site. They have alot of Christian inspired books for kids and adults!!

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