Saturday, August 28, 2010

So, I think I am obsessed with House Party. I spend about 5 hours a day looking at my screen and hoping for a green dot! lol. I really do love it. We have not hosted a party yet but we have been selected to do a Clone Wars party. The boys are excited. The only thing is out of the 30+ kids I would like to invite I have to narrow it down to 8 but its free and it will be fun for them and me! They are gonna send action figures and a Battle board game so it should be exciting! The boys love to have friends over and people love free stuff so its a good way to get them over! They have printables that you can download such as crossword puzzles, word searches etc. so that adds to the entertainment as well.

I REALLY wanted the Fisher Price party for Tyleigh. They are sending 5 brand new toys to the host diapers and stackable toys for the guests. I have lots of family and friends with newborns and 6-12 month olds so it would have been fun but I think it is already full. I will know for sure Monday but I think we are out on that one. Oh well, can't get em all! If you have free time and enjoy having parties you should check out the site if you have not already. It is free to sign up and the applications do not typically take over 5 minutes to fill out so if you are selected it is well worth your time.

I usually apply for all of them being a mommy of 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl and a stay at home Mommy there is not too much we aren't interested in. My next hope is the Durex party!! It would be really fun. kinda like a bachlorette type party for all girls! I would like to get a motel room and make it a slumber party!!
They add new stuff usually at least every week!
Well you should check it out and let me know when you get selected for something and if you are a local reader invite me!!!! =)


  1. I am obsessed too. I'm on all day most of the time. Reading the blogs and reading about how everyone is mad because they didn't get a certain party.

  2. I'm obsessed too! LOL. I didnt get picked for the Fisher Price HP. My 1 years old wuld love this!! Oh well!! I'm your new follower!

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  3. LOL! Hey ladies! Thanks for your comments! I appreciate your feedback and you guys following me. Maybe there is a better party up ahead for us!! I hope so!! There are a couple I am looking foward to.
    Its a great thing they are doing and I get sad when I miss one but not "mad". I think its ridiculous to pitch a fit over something i would be getting for free!! lol. I just enjoy when I do get it!!
    Im gonna be doing a giveaway soon so be on the lookout and let me know when yall get selected for stuff and ill do the same!