Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth of July Weekend Errbody!!

Hey guys and gals!
Just wanted to wish all a Happy Fourth Weekend!
We will be celebrating at a pool party today hosted by a coworker of my husband. I made Buffalo Chicken dip (which is awesome!) Let me know if you want the recipe!!
Then tomorrow we will go to my in laws house for homemade ice cream grilling and good times followed by a firework show somewhere! More than likey at the Biscuits stadium!!
Lots of fun!
Special shout out to Eighty MPH Mom for making me a Dominos Pizza gift card winner!!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time - all of the food sounds so yummy!

    Thank you for the shout out - I appreciate it. Congrats!

  2. Thanks girl! Hope you have a great one and get you some homemade icecream!!