Thursday, July 15, 2010

Whew and Ewww!!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing wonderful. We have finally recouped after a long weekend! My sister in law got married Saturday and of course there are bridesmaid luncheons rehearsals, dinners, etc. and then the big day is full of pictures. All of us except little Tyleigh were in the wedding so it was ALOT! Hard with her nursing to. But we made it and now Anthony and Karis are married. I was queasy all day and ended up throwing up Saturday. With me you never know if it is anxiety and nerves or what... I suffer horribly from panic attacks. Monday Keane got sick throwing up as well so who knows! We are good now though!!
The Tang's alteration down Atlanta Hwy. mis-placed Keane's pants and said they never had them. They altered Breck's shirt and pants and Keane's shirt so I left Keane's pants there as well. When I went to pick them up they were very rude and jumped on their defenses automatically when I asked about the other pair of the pants. They said the pants are not on the receipt so they are not our responsibility. I told them I was not accusing anyone but this was my sons outfit for my sister in laws wedding and I would appreciate them looking. They would not look and kept saying not our responsibility, not on the receipt. So I went home looked around EVERYWHERE and the pants were nowhere to be found. I called Tang's again begging and pleading for them to look in the lobby or anywhere. The lady said if they were here they would have already turned up, but we will keep a lookout. I called my sister in law and told her what had happened, she was less than thrilled at the situation.. My mother in law calls about 5 minutes after I hung up with Karis to say that she had another outfit that may work for Keane. I immediately go over to try it on and it worked for him although it did not match Breck's. I kept hoping they would call before the wedding and say they had found them but they did not. They both still looked adorable and the outfits coordinated well so it was not a huge deal on the wedding day. Well, guess what?? 2 days after the wedding I get a call from Rhonda (my mother in law) to say Tangs called her and said they found Keane's pants. They apologized to her she said. Well, I thought that I should be the one to go pick up the pants to see if I would get an apology since they were so rude and pretty much had my in laws convinced I had lost the pants. (By the way thank you Momma for knowing that Tang's had those pants the whole time and believing me!) So, I walk in and she looks at me and says Can I help you? I said yes I am here to get the pants. Oh, yea. You left them here and we stuck them back here so they would not get lost. I just smiled took the back and started to walk out ( I prayed that I would not go off on the way to the store) when I was walking out after giving me the bag with the pants, she said you are here for the white pants right? I said yep and walked out. She did not offer any apology to me and was still clueless! I will never ever use that Tangs again and have to say that they gave the WORST customer service I can remember. I obviously would not recommend to a friend based on my experience! Oh and my bridesmaids dress was about 3 sizes too big up top.. I'm just sayin!
Anyway, I am glad that they at least called after finding them so my in laws know I did not loose the pants and my mother in law has her outfits back.
We are all weddin-ed out for the next little while! I'm getting to old to be a bridesmaid anyway and definitely to broke! lol
On a happier note, we watched Bounty Hunter and Book of Eli this week and both are great movies. The boys and I are going to make sock monkey's today and I may redo my header with them if they turn out and I can get creative. I also just picked up a baby book for Tyleigh Eden now that she is 5 1/2 months old! I'm looking for a Jenny Jump Up now. Got some cute frog princes to put on clippies to. I'm gonna try to get those made up and sell for a couple bucks a piece and of course save one for my princess. So be on the lookout for that! Also I have 2 Giveaways ending tonight at 12 and winner/winners will post first thing in the a.m. so get your comment in for a chance to win!

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