Thursday, July 1, 2010

It Has Been a "Minute!"

I know I have fallen a bit behind on my updating this past week. I have been running around a lot and learning to make new things and just busy! I learned to the no sew tutus and pin wheel bows and also hair clippies! Yay! So I am going to try to do a giveaway on a set of clippies today if I can get them made and take a picture. As rainy as it looks this a.m. Id say there is a good chance I will get to it! Although it is only 5 am and I am up thanks to my little girl monkie! lol
I was thinking about changing my blog name. I know that sounds ridiculous since I just started it but if I can find a design and all that I may just go ahead and change it up. Since my traffic is pretty low at this point it wont be a biggie and I have a name I like better!
Kiddos are good! We had my husbands younger brothers over yesterday and we played on the slip n slide then a nice game of kick ball! We had a great time and Keane and Breck loved having company! Tyleigh is 5 months old today! It had really flown by. Makes me feel a little sad because she is my last baby. But I am grateful she is developing and growing etc. its just , Id like for them to completely depend on me a little longer!
Breck may be glad when she starts crawling around and get more Independence. Bless his bones he has really taken the backseat" gracefully. He loves his baby sister. To have gone from the baby to the middle child he has done really well and never shows jealousy which surprises me! And Keane, well as long as he has the Wii he is okay ha!
Well, I'm gonna wrap this up for now and get the house cleaned up so I can start on clippies and changing my blog and a new design! Be on the lookout for it all!!

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