Friday, September 10, 2010

Printable Halloween Party Games Review

Typically when I review things they come in the mail! Not this time! I was able to get my product immediatly upon approval!
The company sent me a link to my direct party printables and I was able to download all the games easily and successfully in about 12 minutes. The one we chose to print was Halloween Maze Game and everything went great!
The whole process was very quick and went down with no problems. I peeked at all the games and they all look so fun and have cute colorful pictures to add to the excitment.

The only problem we will have is deciding which ones to use at our Halloween party! Although, alot of the games are great for using everyday. Home school Moms could get some great use out of the story and color pages for kids, They would also make great rewards for children as well. Mine are very excited to have the games downloaded to our computer and they will be well used.

The price at $19.95 is not bad considering you will have these forever with one click and I know first hand how pricey buying these games in party stores can be. I think it is well worth it. They also have some Thanksgiving and NFL games included in the package. The packages includes over 50 printables. There are games, scavenger hunts, coloring pages, crafts and a lot more to choose from.

I am very pleased with the selection and think you should go check out the site and see for yourself how cool the games are @ Halloween Party Games

You can buy your printables just in time for Halloween!
Disclosure~ I was given game printables for review. The opinions expressed are my own

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