Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Way Home DVD

The Way Home featuring Dean Cain is based on a true story. That alone is a plus for me! I am a sucker for actual event movies. The movie is about an over worked father who was asked to keep an eye on his son by the mom while she was getting the rest of the luggage together for a family trip. When she walks back through the living room she sees her husband checking his work email. Aggravated by this she asks where Joe (their son) is at which point they walk outside to discover Joe is nowhere to be found.
After checking the house through and through and riding a four wheeler around the land to search themselves they decide they need help. They call authorities who come out ask questions and realize they are legit and need to start searching the woods and looking about for the boy. A minister is called who rounds up a lot of people in the Christian community who come out and help the family search as well. It is great to see people come together in fellowship and prayer in such a testy time like losing your child. I cannot imagine how these parents felt and what their emotions were while the search was underway.
The search goes on for a while and you will have to watch to see what is discovered and what happened to little Joe!
I enjoyed the movie not only because it was a true story but it is also a great family movie. It depicts good Christian values without horrible language or any other nudity, violence ect. That is hard to come by these days!
Disclosure~ I was given a copy of the DVD to review. All opinions expressed are my own.