Wednesday, September 8, 2010

T is for Tyleigh!

So you can imagine my excitement to hear the words " It's A Girl" after birthing 3 boys and raising 2!
Pink, bows, tutus, glitter and all that is girly sounded so appealing and fun.
Well, the bow thing worked until the motor skills developed enough that Tyleigh could take it off her head! lol
At 7 months if you put a ball or doll in front her guess which one she wants!?? Yep, the ball!
She is trying to keep up with these boys which means happier with a diaper only and racing cars!
She cries when I try to put dresses her!
She loves the dirt and leaves.
I guess I will just have a pretty little tomboy on my hands.
But I guess that is not so bad.. So did my Mom!

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