Thursday, September 2, 2010

Customized Boutique Spider Costume- How To!

What you'll need.
A black shirt of any style (sized for child you want to make costume for)
I used one we already had to go as cheap as possible!
2-4 yrds. of black tulle
Black skinny headband
Goggly eyes (Dollar Tree)
4 pair black knee highs
black tissue or crepe paper
red washcloth
hot glue
needle and thread
First, get your headband and googly eyes. Glue 8 eyes onto the headband and viola.. easy as pie!
Next get your black shirt red rag and sharpie. Draw an hourglass onto the rag. Size depends on you. Cut the shape out and hot glue or sew onto the abdomen of the shirt.
Next get your knee highs. You will want to stuff all 8 with black paper. Again size is up to you. Once they are stuffed to your liking tie a knot at the end. Cut excess knee high away. Sew or glue 4 legs on each side of the shirt.
and last for your tutu. I used black elastic. Get your elastic and wrap around the child. Cut to fit waist. Sew ends together.
get your tulle and start cutting. Cut about half or 1 inch sections. How much depends on how full you want your tutu but make sure all your elastic is covered. Bring each piece of tulle around the elastic evenly so the ends meet and double knot. For a better explanation of making a tutu google no sew tutu's!
Hope this helps!!!!

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