Monday, October 4, 2010

BrytonPick or Floss?

First I have to say I am not a big flosser! I do like to have a pretty smile and try to brush twice daily but I have never been much on flossing even though...
The string floss typically ends up hurting and swelling my gum even in the event I decide not to be lazy after meals and!

But the idea of a pick floss.. anywhere anytime sounds a little more appealing! BrytonPick Floss in Seconds offers an easy 30 day pick! Floss after brushing, after meals or even (like me now) in the car pool line! It does not hurt the gum since it is not forced. You can literally see the gunk on the thin stainless steel pick each time you go in between your teeth. Where floss just seems to push it down the BrytonPick really cleans it out!

The BrytonPick is very reasonable considering it last for 30 days! Special offer on the site now buy 3 picks for $8.99! So don't miss out!! Go to BrytonPick Floss in Seconds now and order your new improved smile!!!


  1. I'm totally diggin' these, no pun intended.

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