Friday, October 8, 2010

Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden Burn the Rrrrump Rrrroast Review and Giveaway

Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden Burn the Rrrrump Rrrrroast
by Jennifer Kelman

First I have to say that this author is awesome! Not only does she write great fun loving books but is truly a humble kind spirit as well! To give me the opportunity to review her awesome book and then send a handwritten thank you note to me! Wow!!

So now on to the book!

I liked the title alone because both of my boys have a hard time pronouncing their R's. They substitute W for R and for the book to focus on the R will help them to see where they are making the mistake with their R! So that is a plus for us! And any story that involves a foot- licking dog is also right up our alley!

I liked trying to speak in an English accent for the kids! They thought that was really fun as well. The overall story is about a wrong number being dialed but it turns out that it is just what Henry needed! He was a boy missing his parents and his aunt accidentally dials up Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden. He is so entertained with Mrs. Pinkelmeyer's English accent (being a boy from New York) that he forgets all about missing his parents and stays ammused by Mrs. Pinkelmeyers accent and story of Moopus McGlinden' grocery store and bath adventure!

By the end of the book Henry cannot wait to take a bath and get scrubbed behind the ears just as Mrs. Pinkelmeyer did to Moopus McGlinden! And after she says goodnight well, she realizes that her delicious Rrrrump Rrrroast is all burnt up!!! But she is just happy that Henry feels all better! Mrs. Pinkelmeyer is very sweet not to get upset over her burnt diner!

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Disclosure~I was given a copy of this book to review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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